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Pervasive PSQL v9 Product Information

PSQLv9 Box
First Customer Ship:March 1, 2005
End of General Availability:July 1, 2009
End of Support:January 1, 2010

Pervasive PSQL v9 builds on the success of the Pervasive.SQL product family by providing some great new features over PSQL V8. Here's a short list of improvements:

  • Larger Database Support: The new V9 and v9.5 data file formats offers three improvements, specifically the ability to use 8K page sizes (16K on v9.5) for better performance, the ability to have a single database file get up to 128GB (256GB for 9.5), and the ability to store all data in a single extent (without seeing the ^01, ^02, etc. file extensions). This last feature will make system maintenance of large environments much easier!
  • Improved Linux Support: The database is now much faster on Linux systems!
  • Improved SQL Performance and Syntax: Pervasive Software has again reworked the SQL engine to provide substantial improvements in performance, as well as adding numerous features and functionality common to those "other" SQL engine environments. This provides developers with existing SQL database experience with a much lower learning curve .
  • New DBA Features: The new capabilities in System Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, and the ALTER syntax changes are all designed to make your DBA life easier. Add the ability to make some engine changes on the fly, without a restart, as well as some new command-line tools, and you'll see great time savings!
  • A New Control Center : The new Control Center is Java-based and provides much of the same functionality of the previous PCC. However, functionality is vastly improved in most areas, with many new features to play with!
  • Improved COBOL Support: With the addition of the new OCCURS and REDEFINES support, you can access data structures defined with these constructs natively from the SQL engine.
  • Drive Letter Redirection: This "hidden" feature of PSQLv9 can make your old Btrieve-based system much more secure than it is today. Ask us how!
  • New Developer Features: In addition to the new developer-level features in the SQL engine, the Rename and Delete File API calls are now exposed, allowing you to do more from within the Btrieve API.

Some of the application vendors we work with have already embraced the Pervasive PSQL v9 update and are fully supporting this release already! Others are still in the evaluation phase. If you are not sure, check our Application Support pages or contact your application vendor directly.

What are the downsides to upgrading? Well, there are a few minor issues...

  • Price: This is a paid upgrade. Pervasive is getting on track for a paid release every two years. This gives developers and end-users alike a way to forecast new upgrades and product purchases, as well as a way to budget their database expenditures.
  • Testing: Like most prior versions, it will probably takes some database developers some effort to get their application tested and approved on Pervasive PSQL v9. If your developer has not yet announced support for this engine, we recommend that you specifically ask them about it. Otherwise, you may need to do some limited testing. Because of the high level of backward compatibility that Pervasive still retains, we expect no problems with Btrieve-level applications at all!

Pricing can be found on our Pervasive PSQL v9 price list, or you can BUY IT NOW from our on-line store. If you want to try it out before you buy it (and who doesn't?), you can get a downloadable evaluation license to play with the new product for 30 days from Pervasive's Web Site.

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If you have additional questions about the product, please contact us!

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