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Database Installation and Upgrade Services

Do you need a Pervasive database installed or upgraded for your application?
Do you have too many things on your plate already?
Do you just hate wading through online manuals and README files?

Goldstar Software can help! We have been doing Btrieve and PSQL/Zen database installations since 1991, and we can handle all of your installation and upgrade needs.

Get a QuickStart Guide to Install It Yourself!

The Actian Zen (formerly Actian PSQL, formerly Pervasive PSQL) engine and client are fairly easy to install, and many people opt to do this installation themselves. To aid in this process, we have created some FREE basic install instructions to help get you on the right path:

Remote Upgrades and Installation

For simpler upgrades and installations, such as Workgroup Engines and smaller Client/Server Engines, we can get the software installed remotely, using out browser-based remote support tool, right across the Internet. This tool allows us to remote control your server and workstations directly (with your permission, of course), and perform all of the installation services directly from our offices.

The cost for installing or upgrading the Zen/PSQL Workgroup Engine for Windows is $100 per computer. If you like, we can even do just the first one, showing you how to do it as we go along, and then allow you to do the rest on your own -- saving money and providing training at the same time!

If you are running a Server engine, the cost for installing or upgrading the Zen/PSQL Server Engine for Windows is $250 for the Server, and $100 for each Client workstation installation. As with the Workgroup Engine, we can show you how to do the first client, and you can do the rest on your own -- this allows you to both save money and time, and learn (from our experts) how to handle any new patches or upgrades that you might need later on.

Remote installation of discontinued versions (Actian PSQL v12, Pervasive PSQL v11, Pervasive PSQL Summit v10, Pervasive PSQL v9, Pervasive.SQL V8, Pervasive.SQL 2000i, Pervasive.SQL 7, or Btrieve 6.15 server engines and clients is also available, at twice the costs indicated above. It is the client's responsibility to meet all minimal requirements (including operating system service packs) prior to the installation.

If you are installing to a NetWare or Linux Server (instead of Windows), we can also provide complete installation and upgrade services for you. However, based on the more complicated nature of these operating systems (sometimes requiring more complicated remote control solutions or prerequisites), we offer these services at our normal billable rate of $250/hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

On-Site Upgrades and Installation

There are many cases where an on-site installation makes more sense:
1) The installation is more complicated and will benefit from our on-site expertise.
2) The application in front of the database is mission critical, and downtime MUST be minimized.
3) You want to build in-house expertise about the Pervasive engine, and the added training will be helpful.

For these instances, using our on-site installation services is a much better option. When battling a complex environment, especially involving clusters or other similar configurations, we can help you understand exactly what is required to get the job done. Also, our advanced technical resources allows for us to resolve most issues VERY rapidly -- a must when mission critical systems with limited downtime windows are being updated. Finally, whenever we do an on-site installation, we always work through the install step-by-step with your own IT staff, providing a crucial knowledge transfer to allow them to maintain and troubleshoot problems that may arise later.

The cost for on-site work will vary, obviously, based on the time on-site and location. Our standard rate is $250/hour plus travel expenses, but we do have a 10-hour minimum for all sites 120 miles or more from our location in the Chicago area. Travel expenses includes all transportation, lodging, meals and incidentals incurred during the trip from the time of departure from our office. There is an additional cost for any time used in excess of 10 hours a single day, or for work done between the overnight hours of 10PM and 6AM local time.

Get Started Now!

Contact us for more information or to get started on your installation today!

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