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Actian Zen Insurance Information

When Actian Corporation changed their licensing format to using new "activation" codes, they strictly enforced the requirement that allows only ONE server license activation at a time. At the same time, an important problem arose -- how does a company handle getting a backup server on-line when the primary server fails and Actian is not available on the phone to free up their license so that it can be used again?

Enter Zen Insurance, a product designed to plug this hole and allow users to get up and running very quickly and easily for a temporary period while the license issues are worked out.

Here's the announcement from Actian:

Zen Insurance - How to Insure Your Database
Everybody's got insurance. Car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, homeowner's insurance, pet insurance. We could go on all day. What are you doing for your business? Specifically, what are you doing to insure you've always got a database? Two options have been available for years: 1) Platinum Support 24x7x365, you call them and they fix it. Not cheap, but a worthwhile investment to make sure your business is always up and running. 2) Failover server which requires a second permanent license. Also not cheap, but for some businesses it's worth the investment to have a backup server ready to go all the time.

Now Actian Corporation is offering an alternative. Zen Insurance will cover those rare occasions when hardware or software failure or a natural disaster makes it impossible for you to deactivate your Zen Server or Zen Cloud Server license and the timing of the problem (since things like this always seem to happen on weekends) makes it impossible to get support. Zen Insurance gives you a way to get back on line *right now* so you can keep your business going until support can be reached and the original server license can be deactivated.

What is it?
Zen Insurance is a 7 day temporary license for the Zen Server or Zen Cloud Server engine that can be activated three separate times, allowing you to recover from a critical system failure.

How does it work?
Apply the Zen Insurance key to an existing Zen engine installation. Restore your backups and get your business back online right away.

How many times can I use the key?
The Zen Insurance key can be activated 3 times either to bring 3 servers online at once or to bring a single server online 3 times.

How long does the temporary license last?
The goal of Zen Insurance is to enable a server activation in the instances where the customer cannot reach Actian Support weekends and holidays for example. The Zen Insurance license lasts seven days. The time period begins when the license is activated.

Do unactivated Zen Insurance Licenses expire?
No. As long as the Zen Insurance License hasn't been activated, it is still valid. Unlike typical insurance, there's no need to renew (unless you've activated the Zen Insurance license 3 times.)

Can I add users to my insurance?
Yes. User count increases for Zen Insurance can be added to a base insurance license. UCI's are available in increments of 50 or 250.

What happens to my Zen Insurance license term when I add users?
The seven day period for Zen Insurance begins when you activate the Insurance license key. Adding users does not change the term of Zen Insurance. (The same is true with the base Zen licenses.)

List Pricing
Zen Insurance for up to 50 Concurrent Users - $495
Zen Insurance for up to 250 Concurrent Users - $995
Add 50 Users to Existing Zen Insurance - $495
Add 250 Users to Existing Zen Insurance - $995

Note: You do not need to indicate a platform when ordering Zen Insurance licenses, as these licenses work on any platform.

If you have additional questions about the product, please contact us!

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