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Why Buy From Goldstar Software?

There are numerous companies that offer the PSQL database engines for sale, so why should you buy your database products from Goldstar Software? In short, we think we're the best! Here's why...

Pre-Sales Support: If you have questions as to the compatibility of the database software with your operating systems and applications, we can help! We don't just read the box to you -- since we have actually been installing the PSQL databases in numerous environments, we can help identify and resolve conflicts between your current environment and the database version you are looking at. We can also help you configure the PSQL database trial engine on your system for a 30-day evaluation, without spending a dime for the test software!

Licensing Issues: Our people actually know and understand the licensing policies of Actian Corporation (formerly Pervasive Software) (which can be a real trick sometimes), and we can help you find the right software licensing to meet your specific needs, so that you are not paying more for the software than you have to.

Better Pricing: We offer some of the best prices around and monitor our competitors to be aware of any special pricing that may be available. Never pay list price for current products!

Discontinued Products: Do you need older versions of products no longer sold by Actian? We may just have what you are looking for!

Purchase Flexibility: Don't have a credit card handy? We can set you up with a Net terms account with the completion of a few simple forms. Companies with existing accounts can submit purchase orders via fax, Email, or via our e-commerce site.

Fast Response: If you have an immediate need for a database license that we have in stock, we can provide the software license information quickly (usually within an hour) via Email upon receipt of your purchase information. (If you need it faster, let us know!) This allows you to get your system up and running in the shortest amount of time -- without waiting for product to be shipped to you! This can prevent days of downtime when ordering from other suppliers!

Lost Key Replacement: Have you ever lost a software registration keycode and had to purchase a new one to get your software working again? We keep a record of your license purchases in our system, providing not only a solid record of your licenses that we can provide when needed, but also to act as proof of ownership for future upgrades.

Training Discounts: With each database engine that we sell, we also provide a discount coupon for $200 off of our PSQL Service & Support training courses. Coupled with the Early Registration Discount, this saves you over $350 off the cost of the three-day course!

Post-Sales Support: Actian offers one free software support incident within the first 30 days after your purchase. Goldstar Software takes you one giant step further: With every Server Engine order, we provide up to one hour of free support time to make sure that your system gets up and running as smoothly as possible, or you can use this support time to help troubleshoot problems down the road and avoid paying for a per-incident support call.

Ongoing Free Support Options: Goldstar Software provides ongoing free support time via several electronic forums, including Actian's own Community Support forums. Post your question here, and we'll be there to help, along with countless other experts in the field.

Extended Paid Support Options: From our 24x7 on-line PSQL knowledgebase (available by subscription), covering every issue we've worked on, to our top-notch phone support, we have the experience to handle just about any problem quickly and efficiently. Our existing customers get priority access to technical support and lower, set rates for the life of our relationship, which also includes remote control support via RAdmin, Terminal Services, or our own Remote Support tool. Existing customers also have access to 24x7 priority support -- something not even offered by Actian without huge support contracts -- and at lower rates than non-customers.

Non-Database Support: From our work with various customers, we've found that the majority of problems are NOT related to the database software itself! In fact, 50% of the problems we help users work out are related to the environment the database works in, whether it be in the server, the workstations, or the networking components in between. Our staff has the ability to quick isolate these issues and help get you pointed in the right direction -- and if you cannot solve the problem by yourself, we'll be there to help. We have internal servers running Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, NetWare, and Linux, so we can address just about any OS-related issue, and we have access to troubleshooting tools to help you analyze your network environment as well.

With all of these advantages offered by Goldstar Software, why would you go anywhere else?

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